Referat für Internationales

Moin, wir sind euer AStA-Referat für Internationales.

Wir sind Ansprechpartner für alle internationalen Studis der Uni Lübeck, stehen in Kontakt mit den anderen Lübecker Hochschulen, organisieren Infoveranstaltungen und vieles mehr. Bei Anliegen aller Art versuchen wir euch weiterzuhelfen, schreibt uns einfach eine Mail unter


Hi, we are your AStA committee for international affairs.

We are the contact for all international students at the University of Lübeck, are in contact with the other universities in Lübeck, organise information events and much more. If you have any questions or concerns, we will try to help you. Just send us an email at


A Finnish dinnerparty with food, drinks and songs - 19.01. at 7pm


We are holding our first sitsit! Here's everything you need to know

When and where?

Thursday 19.01. at 7 pm at MFC9 (Maria-Goeppert-Str. 15, near the Edeka/Campus Center).

How does it work with the tickets?

You can buy tickets for the sit-down at the following link:

The entrance fee is 10€ per person - you can pay online via bank transfer or cash on Tue 17.1. from 12-2pm at the AStA. The entrance fee includes food and drinks.

What is a sitsit?

A sitsit is a Finnish tradition where students get together for a dinner party. There is eating, drinking and singing - all according to a rather complex set of rules, but don't worry - this will be clarified on the evening itself at the latest!

Here is a rough outline of the procedure:

Everyone arrives at the sit-down in evening dress and in a good mood. We love fancy red carpet looks, but it doesn't have to be the floor-length dress. Come as dressy as you like - just not in sweatpants, please.

After a short introduction, our Toastmaster Anna will give the first speech and sing the first song. We will always sing together (singing talent is explicitly not required!) and after each song we will toast and drink. Now you have time to eat something - at least until the next person stands up, gives a speech and everything starts all over again: speech, singing, toasting.

Speeches can be made by anyone. The content doesn't matter, we welcome highly political comments, your favourite quote or an explanation of why you loathe peppers above all else. Nothing is impossible as long as you remain respectful.

You will find the songs in our song booklet, which we will be displaying. There will certainly be a song you know.

It doesn't matter whether you drink alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages, the main thing is that you join in the toast! For those who want to drink alcohol, be warned: there won't be much time to eat, so don't come on an empty stomach! Also, you don't have to empty your shot glass every time you toast, just a sip will do.

The food will be vegan, but you can't expect a big, filling 3-course meal. So it's worth having something small to eat beforehand.

We are looking forward to a great evening with you!

Until then - your AStA departments for Culture & International Affairs

Language Buddy

Du kannst eine Sprache schon sehr gut und möchtest eine neue Sprache lernen oder gelerntes vertiefen? Dann trag dich doch als Language Buddy ein!

Lass uns wissen, welche Sprache(n) du bereits kannst und welche du lernen möchtest und wir finden dir ein Sprach-Match. Mit deinem Language Buddy kannst du deine Zielsprache anwenden und nebenbei neue Freundschaften schließen ;)

Kein Match? Kein Problem, wir bilden auch Lerngruppen mit Studis, die die gleiche Sprache lernen möchten. Außerdem planen wir ein Zusammentreffen, wo sich Sprachinteressierte mit Kaffe und Keksen kennenlernen können.


You already know one language very well and would like to learn a new one or deepen your knowledge? Then sign up as a Language Buddy!

Let us know which language(s) you already know and which you would like to learn and we will find you a language match. With your Language Buddy you can practice your target language and make new friends along the way ;)

No match? No problem, we also form study groups with students who want to learn the same language. We also plan a get-together where people interested in languages can get to know each other over coffee and biscuits.